espiral y vueltas

This technique shows you how to finish off pieces in spiral (or continuous rounds) and pieces in joined rounds, with a neatly and more professional look, also with a cleaner edge.

NOTE: Because of this kind of join adds an “extra stitch”, it must be done in the second stitch of the round instead of the first one (pic 1).




Complete the last stitch of the round. Pull up gently the final loop of the last stitch to make the loop bigger. Cut the yarn, leaving at least 7 cm tail for weaving. Thread the needle and insert it under booth loops of the second stitch of the last round, front to back (pic 1). Then, go back through the center of the stitch you ended with (pic 2). Make sure that you don’t pull it too tight and , in order to secure this stitch, insert your needle from top to bottom into the horizontal loop that is behind the stitch (pic 3). The end disappears like magic, and your work is secure (pic 4).

cierre invisible



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