Punto de crochet tulipán


Tulip stitch is perfect for decoration, in a candle or a pot for example. It could be also used for a blanket, a scarf or a hat.

You may use different colors for the stem, the flower or the body ground. You can even change flower color at each round in order to create a multicolor tulip field.



YO and pull the yarn through the loop on the hook.

Insert hook into the stitch, YO and pull the yarn through the stitch (2 loops on your hook), YO again and pull through both loops on the hook in one go.

YO, insert hook into the stitch, YO and pull the yarn through the stitch (3 loops on your hook), YO and pull through the first 2 loops on the hook in one go (2 loops remain on the hook), YO again and pull through the remaining 2 loops on the hook.



Popcorns are a number of completed stitches worked into the same st. Once the desired number of stitches have been completed. Remove hook, insert it in first dc made and the last stitch, pull up that loop through first stitches, ch 1 to close the popcorn st.

The back bump, or back bar, lies right behind the back loop of a stitch. Working into this spot leaves you with a visible line of stitches on the surface of your fabric.
Working into the back bumps along a chain creates a neater finish.

You will change to another colour by joining in the new colour during the final step of the last stitch in the old colour as follows: work the last stitch in the old colour until the last two loops of the stitch are on the hook, then using the new colour, YO and pull through the 2 remaining old colored loops on your hook. The next stitch you make will be the first stitch in the new colour.




ch chain
ch-sp chain spaces
dc double crochet
lp (s) loop (s) crochet
sc single crochet
st (s) stitch (es)
YO yarn over
PC popcorn stitch
sk skip
Rnd … At the beginning of each pattern line, you’ll find “Rnd” + a number
to indicate which “round”
(…) At the end of each line you will find the number of stitches you
should have at end of each line.
[…] x … When part of the instructions repeat throughout the “round”,
it ́ll be placed between brackets x the number of times it should be repeated.
(…) stitches between (…) are worked into the same stitch.

Example: Rnd 01. (3sc) in the same stitch, [2sc, sc-inc] x 2. (11 sts)




  • Crochet hook 4.00 mm (G US)
  • Yarn needle
  • Yarn: 8 ply / DK / light worsted, Drops Cotton Light (50% cotton, 50% polyester), 50g/1.8oz, 105m (115yds), 10 x 10 cm = 20 sts x 22 rows :
    nº 12 (kaki); 1 skein
    nº 21 (light beige); 1 skein
    nº 11 (green); 1 skein



  • This pattern is written in US terminology.
  • When you crochet in rows, each row stars by turning the piece and working some chain stitches (know as the “turning chains”) to get the right height for the following stitches.
  • If you wish to make a different size, simply work the starting chain to the desired width in multiples of 3+2.




With 4.00 mm (G US) crochet hook, in light beige yarn.

To begin: 23ch + 1 turning chain.

Row 01. Crochet into the bumps of the chain (see Stitches & Techniques used), starting in the second back bump, 23sc, turn (23)

Row 02. ch, sc in each st around, turn. (23)

Change to kaki (see Stitches & Techniques used).

Row 03. 3ch, [sk 2 sts, (dc, ch, dc)] x 7, sk next st, dc, turn. (23)

Change to green.



Row 04. 4ch, [PC in ch-sp, 2ch] x 6, PC, ch, dc, turn. (23)

Change to light beige.

Row 05. ch, sc in each st around, turn. (23)

Row 06. ch, sc in each st around, turn. (23)

Repeat rows (03, 04, 05 & 06) until desired length.

Cut the yarn and weave in all ends.






Crochet tulip stitch chart



Learn to crochet tulip stitch


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