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At Hilaria Fina – The Art of Crocheting, sensitized to the needs of Internet users and aware of the importance of rigorous privacy of the personal information entrusted to us, we include this privacy statement so that you are aware of the policy in the treatment of the personal data obtained from its visitors and users.


As a user, you accept these conditions by the mere fact of reading, viewing or browsing the site. If you do not accept them, you must leave the site, without making any use of it and its content, and without accessing the linked pages.


You can find information on what is done and not done with your personal data on this website here.
This policy outlines how the personal information of all individuals who interact with Hilaria Fina through this website will be treated and protected. Please read all sections of the Legal Notice, Cookie Policy, and this Privacy Policy before using this website.
In compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR) and Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, Marta Hernández Manzano informs you that by accepting this Privacy Policy, you provide your express, informed, free and unequivocal consent for the Data you provide, and for which security measures, technical and organizational measures provided for in current regulations are applied, to be processed by Marta Hernández Manzano as the data controller.


Identity of the Responsible Party: Marta Hernández Manzano
Trade Name: Hilaria Fina
Tax ID Number: 32806794P
Address: Calle Montevideo 6-8.9ºE – La Coruña – 15009 – Spain
Activity: E-commerce and other products.
Contact details of the responsible party or representative, and of the data protection officer where applicable: dirección postal, dirección de correo electrónico o URL que redirija a un formulario electrónico de contacto, teléfono.


For the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, Hilaria Fina collects and processes the following Personal Data, depending on the different products or services requested on this website:
(Select the applicable ones or add any relevant ones)
Identification data: first name, last name.
Contact information: postal address, email address, mobile phone number.
Contractual data: contractual operation data, ID card number, purchased products and services, financial transactions, payment data.
Browsing data: IP address, device type and identification, browser type, domain through which the website is accessed, browsing data, activity on the website.


We process your personal data based on the following legal grounds:
• The execution of a contract with Hilaria Fina for service provision, advertisement posting, and management of requested services.
• User consent regarding contact, subscription to content, and sending of commercial communications via email, cookies, or messaging systems.
• The legitimate interest of the data controller to protect users of Hilaria Fina’s website from abuses and frauds in the use of our services.


On this website, there are different forms, and the information collected through each of them will be used in the following manner:
(Select the applicable ones or add any relevant ones)
Content subscription forms: There are several forms to activate the subscription. The provided data will be used exclusively to send the Newsletter and keep you updated on news and occasional offers, exclusive to subscribers of
Comment form: The personal data entered in the form to insert these comments will be used exclusively for moderation and publication purposes.
Contact form: There is also a contact form for inquiries, suggestions, or professional contact. In this case, the provided email address will be used to respond to the inquiries and send the requested information through the website.
Registration form: In this case, we request the following personal data: Name, Email, to allow you to create an account in our system and grant access to its functionalities.
Sales form: We also process data to manage the purchase of e-patterns, including order management, payment, and all operations related to the contracting of the chosen service or product. This includes sending follow-up emails, responses, invoices, receipts, etc.
Affiliate sign-up form: We request affiliate data, including payment details, to manage the affiliate sign-up process and settle the corresponding commissions.
Download systems: On this website, different contents are available for download periodically in text, video, and audio formats. In this case, an email address is required to activate the subscription form. Your information will be used for the purposes indicated for subscribers.


Customer data: The retention period of personal data will vary depending on the service the customer contracts. In any case, it will be kept for the minimum necessary period, with the following durations:
• 4 years: Law on Social Offenses and Sanctions (obligations regarding affiliation, registrations, cancellations, contributions, salary payments, etc.); Articles 66 and onwards of the General Tax Law (accounting books, etc.).
• 5 years: Article 1964 of the Civil Code (personal actions without a specific deadline).
• 6 years: Article 30 of the Commercial Code (accounting books, invoices, etc.).
• 10 years: Article 25 of the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Law.
Subscriber data: From the moment the user subscribes until they unsubscribe.
Potential customer data: The data will be kept for the duration of the established commercial relationship and, once concluded, for two years unless the user requests its deletion earlier.


Any person has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not Hilaria Fina is processing personal data concerning them.
Interested parties have the right to: •
• Request access to personal data related to the interested party. •
• Request their rectification or deletion.
• Request their cancellation.
• Request the limitation of their processing.
• Object to the processing.
• Request data portability.
If you have given your consent for a specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw the consent given at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the prior consent before its withdrawal.
In the event that you feel that your rights regarding the protection of your personal data have been violated, especially when you have not obtained satisfaction in the exercise of your rights, you may file a complaint with the competent Data Protection Control Authority through its website:
To exercise these rights, you can write to
There is a form to exercise your rights, which you can request by email, or if you prefer, you can use those developed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency or third parties.
These forms must be signed electronically or accompanied by a photocopy of your ID card.
If you are represented by someone, you must attach a copy of their ID card or sign it with their electronic signature.
The forms can be submitted in person, sent by mail or by email to the address of the responsible party indicated at the beginning of this text.


Directory services will be {indicate if free or paid} and referenced on the website itself will strive to ensure that the listings and ads that appear on the website provide accurate information and are kept up-to-date, although it does not guarantee the accuracy of the data entered at all times.
The data and other content of the ads placed in the directories are provided by the {indicate whether it is a professional directory or other} advertisers, so is not responsible for any possible inaccuracies or errors that the ads may contain, nor does it in any way guarantee the experience, integrity, or liability of the advertisers or the quality of their services. The ads placed in the directories {indicate whether it is a professional directory or other} will remain published on the portal until they are removed or suspended by the advertiser user or {indicate whether it is a professional directory or other}, which will not be responsible for the fact that, once they are removed from their databases, the ads continue to be indexed in search engines unrelated to this portal.
Any contractual or non-contractual relationship that the user enters into with the advertisers or third parties contacted through this portal is understood to be made solely between the user and the advertiser and/or third party. The user acknowledges and accepts that acts solely as an advertising channel or medium and therefore has no responsibility for any damages or losses of any nature caused as a result of their negotiations, conversations, and/or contractual or non-contractual relationships with the advertisers or third parties contacted through this portal.


Ads is a Google platform designed for ADVERTISERS who want to advertise on GOOGLE. On Google Ads, the advertising platform of Google, is used to create campaigns and ads to display on other websites. When creating an ad, the audience can be segmented by:

• Location
• Demographic data (age, gender, etc.)
• Interests (activities, hobbies, etc.)
• What they buy online and through other channels
• Etc.

The data obtained through Google Ads is subject to this privacy policy from the moment the user submits their data on the form of this website to join the subscription newsletter. Under no circumstances will information from Google be used for a different purpose.


Facebook Ads is used on this website:

Facebook Ads allows targeting of an audience for an advertisement.

Thanks to Facebook’s custom audience feature, an audience can be created based on user data and subscribers from this website, such as email addresses and phone numbers. To do this, it’s necessary to share the databases with Facebook to create custom audiences by directing ads to people with similar profiles.

For ad targeting according to Facebook’s policies, no sensitive personal information is used and it’s not shared with third parties or other advertisers, and it will be deleted by Facebook once the process is completed. Additionally, Facebook will ensure confidentiality.

The ad system designed by Facebook allows relevant and useful ads to be displayed without revealing your identity to advertisers and can reach groups of people with specific profiles.

As a user, you can revoke your consent at any time through, where you can configure the receipt of ads. Likewise, you can indicate that you do not want interest-based ads from Facebook or other companies through the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) of Your On Line Choices ( or in the settings of your computer or mobile device.

To use the custom audience feature, this website uses Facebook’s Website Custom Audience tool, which uses the Facebook pixel to anonymously track visitors to this website. If you wish to opt-out of using Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences, you have the option to do so at:

For more information on the scope and purpose of data collection by Facebook and its subsequent processing, as well as to configure your privacy settings, please refer to the following links:

Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel

For the optimization of advertising campaigns of the ads published on Facebook, and for statistical purposes, the Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel of Facebook Inc., 1601 s. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, is used, which tracks user actions after clicking on an ad.

The data obtained through this pixel is anonymous and does not refer to identified individuals, nor are profiles created or personal data stored. This data may be stored and processed by Facebook, and it may link this data to your Facebook account and also use it for its own advertising purposes in accordance with Facebook’s data usage policy which you can find at This policy has recently been updated at

You may allow Facebook and its partners to serve advertisements both within and outside of Facebook, and for this purpose, a cookie may be stored on your computer.


At we use Twitter Ads, Twitter’s advertising platform, which allows us to create campaigns and ads. When generating an ad, the audience can be segmented by:
• Location
• Demographic data (age, gender, etc.)
• Interests (activities, hobbies, etc.)
• What they buy on the internet and through other channels
• Etc.
The data obtained through Twitter Ads is subject to this privacy policy from the moment the user leaves their data in the form on this website to join the subscription newsletter. Under no circumstances will the information obtained from Twitter be used for a different purpose.


At, we use LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn’s advertising platform, which allows us to create campaigns and ads. When creating an ad, the audience can be segmented by:
• Location
• Demographic data (age, gender, etc.)
• Interests (activities, hobbies, etc.)
• What they buy online and through other channels
• Etc.
The data obtained through LinkedIn Ads is subject to this privacy policy from the moment the user submits their data on the subscription form on this website. Under no circumstances will the information obtained from LinkedIn be used for a different purpose.


Security Notification and Breach Disclosure

Marta Hernández Manzano takes appropriate security measures to protect personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction, taking into account the risks involved in processing and the nature of the personal information. However, if Marta Hernández Manzano determines that your service data has been misappropriated (including by a Marta Hernández Manzano employee), exposed by a security breach, or acquired improperly by a third party, Marta Hernández Manzano will immediately inform you of such security breach, misappropriation, or improper acquisition.


Many tools used on this website to manage data are contracted by third parties. To provide strictly necessary services for the development of the activity, Marta Hernández Manzano shares data with the following providers under their corresponding privacy conditions:
External service providers (for example, payment processing services, order processing, analysis, management of marketing campaigns, website management, and email distribution and other similar service providers) so that they can perform business functions on behalf of Marta Hernández Manzano.
The web development and maintenance company or the hosting company may occasionally have access to this website. They have signed a service provision contract that obliges them to maintain the same level of privacy as that applied to the processing carried out on this website.
Any international transfer of data resulting from the use of tools or service providers will adhere to the Privacy Shield agreement, which guarantees that American software companies comply with European data protection policies regarding privacy, secrecy, and data security.
Specifically, this website uses the following tools:
• Email marketing tool:
• Billing tool:
• Analysis tools:
• Online chat tool:
• Others: {describe tools} (optional)


The personal data provided at the time of subscription, contact, interaction with the website, and any other data provided during navigation, including the information provided by cookies regarding browsing habits, will be used for segmentation or categorization purposes with the aim of applying them to activities related to general administration management, information, commercialization of advertising spaces, analysis of proposals requested by users/clients, statistical study of services and contents used, tastes and preferences, and surveys or forms.
Profiling, through the analysis of your individual automated decisions, consists of the use of your Personal Data to evaluate certain personal aspects, such as the analysis and prediction of your economic situation, personal preferences, interests, behavior, location, movements, and attitudes. The logic applied to obtain these profiles is the use of statistical procedures, and the consequences of this treatment of your data by profiling are the sending of personalized communications of your interest with content related to crochet.
The legal basis for the processing of your data for the indicated purposes and the elaboration of individual automated decisions through profiling is the consent given by ticking the checkbox indicated above. {Include specific checkbox in the first layer if this section is used}
The data we use in profiling and show to advertisers are not data that allow users to be identified. Only a graph of the type of audience we have, their age, country, gender, etc. is shown.


This website offers the User sponsored content, advertisements, and/or affiliate links.
Among the links that you may find, there is the possibility of informing and referring to third-party products and/or services and/or infoproducts. The information that appears in these affiliate links or inserted advertisements is provided by the advertisers themselves, so is not responsible in any case for inaccuracies or errors that the advertisements may contain, nor can it offer guarantees about the experience, integrity, or responsibility of the advertisers, or the quality of their products and/or services, although products or services that and its team have tried will always be recommended.
In addition, the ads will remain published on the portal until they are removed or suspended by the advertiser or, which is not responsible for the fact that, once removed from its databases, the ads continue to be indexed in search engines outside of this portal.
Every user must understand that any contractual or non-contractual relationship between the User and the advertisers, affiliates, or third parties contacted through this website, are understood to be carried out solely and exclusively between the user and the advertiser and/or third party. only acts as a conduit or advertising medium and therefore has no responsibility for any damages or losses of any kind caused as a result of their negotiations, conversations, and/or contractual or non-contractual relationships with advertisers or third parties contacted through this website.
DATA SECRECY AND SECURITY is committed to the use and processing of user’s personal data, respecting its confidentiality, in accordance with their purpose, as well as complying with its obligation to keep them and adapt all measures to prevent alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with current data protection regulations.
(This website includes an SSL certificate. This is a security protocol that ensures that your data travels in an intact and secure manner; that is, the transmission of data between a server and the web user, and in feedback is fully encrypted.)
Marta Hernández Manzano cannot guarantee the absolute impregnability of the Internet network, and therefore the violation of data through fraudulent access to them by third parties.
Regarding the confidentiality of processing, Marta Hernández Manzano will ensure that anyone authorized by Marta Hernández Manzano to process customer data (including its personnel, collaborators and providers) will be under the appropriate obligation of confidentiality (whether contractual or legal duty).
In the event of a security incident, upon becoming aware, Marta Hernández Manzano must notify the Client without undue delay and provide timely information related to the Security Incident as known, or when the client reasonably requests it.

As a user, you are solely responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of the data you submit to, exonerating Marta Hernández Manzano Hilaria Fina from any responsibility in this regard. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, for the accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided, and commit to keep them duly updated. The user agrees to provide complete and correct information in the contact or subscription form.

The consent given, both for the treatment and for the transfer of the interested parties’ data, may be revoked at any time by communicating it to Marta Hernández Manzano Hilaria Fina the terms established in this Policy for the exercise of ARCO rights. This revocation will in no case have a retroactive effect.

Marta Hernandez Manzano reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential novelties, as well as to industry practices. In such cases, it will announce the changes introduced on this page with reasonable anticipation of their implementation.