Invisible Join in Double Crochet Rounds

Invisible Join in Double Crochet Rounds

Invisible Join in Double Crochet Rounds


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Most used methods to crochet an invisible join without any seams in rounds are:

  • Cutting yarn, it is perfect if you are going to crochet just few rows.
  • Hiding turning chains and not counting them as the first stitch, but they will always be a bit visible.

There is a 3rd option: to replace the first stitch of the round with 1 single crochet + 1 chain. This 3rd method allows you to save yarn, due to that you don’t need to fasten off every time you finish a round. In addition to it, there will be no hidden chain, we will imitate the double crochet.

Once we reach the end of the round, make the invisible join. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 01 | Start by making a slip stitch into the initial chain stitch through the back loop.

Step 02 | Remove the hook from the loop.

Step 03 | Insert the hook from back to front into the first stitch of the round and place the loop back on the hook.

Step 04 | Pull the loop through the stitch so that the loop is on the backside of the work.

Following these steps will complete the invisible join. To start the next round, crochet the single crochet and chain stitch in the same stitch.

Below you can find the video tutorial.

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