Hi, my name is Marta, I am from Galicia, in the North of Spain. Enthusiastic about crochet since my mother taught me when I was a kid. After years working in fashion with little time to crochet, I decided to create Hilaria Fina. In this project, I try to crochet a new world around my passion.


The name Hilaria (Hilary) comes from Latin´s “hilaris” and the Ancient Greek “ίλαρόϛ”[hilarós], which has several positive meanings such as happy, cheerful, good mood, high spirits, encouraging, enthusiast, favourable, merry, propitious, gracious, or kind.


The Spanish verb “hilar” (to spin), besides been used to define the transformation of a textile fibre, means to put or string together, to connect, to link , to deduce things from other things.


Fina is the short name for Josefina (Josephine). It is also an Spanish adjective that means delicate, good quality, thin, fine, subtle, tactful, clever, sharp, shrewd, with no faults or defects.


The Spanish expression “hilar fino” means to subtlety pass or to proceed very carefully.


Hilaria Fina is a concept, trends and ideas sharing spaces. From the fusion of this elements you can obtain unique handcrafted high quality items. I´m interested in any kind of socio-cultural influences and materials that could be apply or adapted to the world of crochet.


Hilaria Fina's aim is the creation of unique crochet designs. You may choose your own materials but we recommend our hand-picked fabrics and materials. Our designs are oriented to inspire you to make your own crafts, choose fabrics and colors, and use them.


Our patterns are clear, pedagogical and fun. They are developed having in mind that they can never be complicated in a way that you cannot successfully finish your craft. What makes us happy is you finishing one of our projects, and wishing to start a new one. We love to create new designs based on specific concepts or stories.


No matter what your skills are, we make it convenient for you to start and finish patterns that match your level. You can either make your craft following the pattern in our website, or download an inexpensive “on the go / printable” pdf from our store.