Frequently asked questions.


Frequently asked questions.

How do i get my Hilaria Fina pattern?

You can get all Hilaria Fina patterns here at hilariafina.com, you just have to register and hit the download button.

How can i pay for my Hilaria Fina pattern?

Payment is done through PayPal or using a credit card.

Should i register myself in order to buy or download a free pattern?

Yes, your personal data will be kept following the law. Please check cookies policy.

How many times can i download my hilaria fina pattern?

As many as you want or need. Your link will remain permanently opened. So, you will be able to get updates, if any, with no extra payment at all.

Can i sell finished products done from Hilaria Fina patterns?

Not without a specific Hilaria Fina authorization. Please check our terms and conditions.

Can i sell Hilaria Fina patterns, or parts of the patterns, modifications, changed or altered?

Not without a specific Hilaria Fina authorization. Please check our terms and conditions.

Are all Hilaria Fina patterns under a fee?

Not, Hilaria Fina offers to its customers some of the patterns lack of payment or free.

What do i get when i buy a pattern from Hilaria Fina?

You will download an electronically file in PDF format, containing the needed instructions to make one of the Hilaria Fina exclusive creations. You may download one of the free patterns if you want to have an idea about the kind of photo tutorials, graphics or charts we use before getting your first paying pattern.

What format has the file i download?

Hilaria Fina patterns are digital files in PDF format.

What kind of software do i need to read the pattern in my device?

You may need a PDF reader such Adobe Acrobat in order to read the files. Acrobat is a free software easy to install.

Are all Hilaria Fina patterns available in both English and Spanish language?

Not always. Since the 1st version to be published is the English one. Spanish version appears right after.