Edith Crochet Garland

Edith Crochet Garland

Edith Crochet Garland


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“Let the garland of friendship be ever green” Edith Nesbit wrote at her children’s book entitled “The Railway Children”, where she relates the adventures of three little brothers whose comfortable life suddenly changed and how time and experiences forge the essential values of life: the importance of friendship, not to make social distinctions, to give without expecting anything in return, relative significance over the material, to face adversity with courage and spirit, never give up hope, the importance of family, to listen, to respect, to trust.  

Born in London 1958, Edith challenged all prejudices of the time. She became one of most important writers of English literature. Even if she considered herself as a poetess, she had to touch other areas to make her living, standing out in several genres and disciplines: children’s books, theatre, horror stories, magazines, animal’s books, reviews, propaganda, painting, reciting. 

Even if she had to hide her female gender in other to be able to publish, she was an “Avant-Garde” woman. She dressed men’s clothes, never used a corset, wore short hair, smoked in public, rode a strange and new machine called bicycle and allowed her children to run barefoot. She influenced many other wonderful writers, JK Rowling among them, that’s why she is considered, nothing more and nothing less, as Harry Potter’s grandmother.

Edith Guirnalda de Ganchillo


There is not better way of using your favourite colors than crocheting this two-color garland. The only stitch used is chain, you just have to yarn over or  yarn under. Then, choose your favourite charms to decorate it . You can also make it using rope, t-shirt yarn or any other material you can crochet with your hook. 

This PDF includes pattern with charts to walk you through every single step of making your own XX, is perfect if you like to crochet on the couch or on the go. This is a nicely formatted PDF perfect for your mobile or tablet viewing. Or, you can print and take it with you wherever you want, avoiding keeping busy the electronic screen of your device and leaving it free for your favourites movies, series or apps.

PDF Crochet Garland



With about 15 cm of yarn, make a loop. Insert your hook through the center of the loop, draw the end of the yarn through the loop, and pull on the tail to tighten.

CHAIN (abbrev. ch)
YO and pull through loop on hook.



Cómo Echar Hebra por Debajo

Hold the yarn in front of the crochet hook and pull the yarn up from front to back.


Cómo Echar Hebra Sobre el Ganchillo

Hold the yarn behind the crochet hook and pull the yarn over the hook from back to front.



If you are new to crochet, these projects are a great point to start! These patterns use only basic stitches with minimal shaping.

Edith Guirnalda de Ganchillo


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To begin:  Start with yarn and an appropriately sized hook. I-Cords are flexible by nature, so if you’d like your finished I-Cord to be stiff, consider using a hook 1 or 2 sizes smaller than what is recommended for your yarn.

Step 1. Make a slip knot on your hook with two strands together.

Step 2. Yarn under with one color, yarn over with the other color and pull through both 2 loops on the hook in one go.

Repeat until your garland will have the desired length.

Cut the yarn.

Ganchillo Nudo Deslizado

Make a slip knot on your hook with two strands together.

Echar Hebra por Debajo de Ganchillo

Yarn under with one color, 

Echar Hebra Sobre el Ganchillo

yarn over with the other color

Guirnalda de Ganchillo

and pull through both 2 loops on the hook in one go.

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Edith Guirnalda de Ganchillo
Downloadable pattern. Ready to print!
All charts are included in the PDF.



Place the open jump rings with the jingle bells and attach them along the cord. Your Edith garland is ready to hang it up .


Not only can you use this garland on your Christmas tree, but it also looks perfect draped over windows, mirrors or any other place. It’ll take longer to decide where to hang it up than to make it.

CONGRATS! You made it. I hope you enjoyed each step. ❥4U
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Edith Crochet Garland
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Edith Crochet Garland

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