Denis Crochet Deco

Denis Crochet Deco

Denis Crochet Deco


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On 3rd December 1967, South African doctor Christiaan Barnard performed world’s first heart transplant in a person. Donor was Denise Darvall, a young clerk aged 25 that died when she was knocked down by a car. Surgery was carried out by a team of twenty surgeons conducted by Barnard and took nine hours. When recipient patient woke up declared to feel better with the new heart.
Denis Crochet Deco


Christmas is right around the corner and, if anything true is that we must wrap presents. This project will give to your packages a special touch, it is an additional present that could be reused as a Christmas deco.

Leftovers  of Merino wool Aran Katia that I’ve used in Flora project were just perfect. On one side, green bottle and maroon are ideal for Christmas. On the other side, yarn softness and thickness gives a smooth and fluffy touch different from the cold cotton, more appropriate for the winter season. 

I timed myself and I can crochet a Denis Heart in about 25 minutes. They are easy going and you can make as many as you want in your spare time.

You only need to use two different stitches to make this design: chain and slip stitch. You just have to crochet slip stitches through the back loops in order to achieve such a texture.   

This PDF includes pattern with charts to walk you through every single step of making your own Denis Crochet Deco, is perfect if you like to crochet on the couch or on the go. This is a nicely formatted PDF perfect for your mobile or tablet viewing. Or, you can print and take it with you wherever you want, avoiding keeping busy the electronic screen of your device and leaving it free for your favourites movies, series or apps.

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Scroll down to find the free, written crochet pattern.

Crochet PDF Pattern



CHAIN (abbrev. ch)
YO and pull through loop on hook.

SLIP STITCH (abbrev. sl st)
Insert hook in stitch, YO and pull through both loops on hook at once.

THROUGH BACK LOOP (abbrev. tbl)
The back loop is furthest away from you.

Usually you crochet in the right side of the chain. When you turn your chain, you’ll see a small ‘bump’ on the wrong side of each stitch.


    • ch = chain
    • lp (s) = loop (s)
    • slst = slip stitch
    • slst-tbl = slip stitch through back loop
    • st (es) = stitch (es)
    • tbl = through back loops
    • YO = yarn over
    • Row … = At the beginning of each pattern line, you’ll find “Row” + a number to indicate which “row”.
    • (…) = At the end of each line you will find the number of stitches you should have at end of each “row”.
    • Example: Rnd 01. (3sc) in the same stitch, [2sc, sc-inc] x 2. (11 sts)



If you are looking for a relaxing project, this is what you want. These patterns are very repetitive. They use basic stitches and easy procedures.


  • Crochet hook 4.5 mm (7 US), 6.00 mm (J US)
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Yarn: DK, Light.
    Katia Merino Aran (52% Merino, 48% Acrylic), 100g (3 oz. ½), 155m (169 yds):
    nº 51 (light maroon)
    nº 82 (bottle green)

It is a perfect pattern if you have some leftovers of yarn and you do not know what to do with it! Heart: 5g

Downloadable pattern. Ready to print!
All charts are included in the PDF.


Using light worsted weight yarn, finished item will be approx. 6 cm x 8 cm.

Denis Crochet Heart


10 cm = 18 stitches, 10 cm = 18 rows


  • This pattern is written in US terminology.
  • This pattern is worked side to side.
  • Heart is worked flat, in one piece, going back and forth rows.
  • To create a knit-like look we will work in slip stitch through the back loop (slst-tbl).
  • Take care to not work sl sts too tightly.
  • Turning chains at the beginning of rows do not count as a stitch.


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With 4.5 mm (7 US) crochet hook, in chosen yarn.

To begin: 12 ch + 1 turning ch.

Crochet increase row.

Row 01. starting in 2nd ch through back bumps, 12 slst-tbl, 2 ch, turn. (12 slst-tbl, 2 ch)

With 6.00 mm (J US) crochet hook.

Row 02. starting in the 2nd ch, 13 slst-tbl, turn. (13)

Crochet increase row.

Row 03. ch, 13 slst-tbl, 2 ch, turn. (13 slst-tbl, 2 ch)

Row 04. starting in the 2nd ch, 14 slst-tbl, turn. (14)

Row 05/08. ch, 14 slst-tbl, turn. (14)

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Crochet decrease rows.

Row 09. ch, 13 slst-tbl, leave remaining stitch unworked, turn. (13)

Row 10. ch, 13 slst-tbl, turn. (13)

Row 11. ch, 12 slst-tbl, leave remaining stitch unworked, turn. (12)

Row 12. ch, 12 slst-tbl, turn. (12)

Row 13. ch, 9 slst-tbl, leave remaining 3 stitches unworked, turn. (9)

Row 14|15. ch, 9 slst-tbl, turn. (9)

Row 16. ch, 8 slst-tbl, leave remaining stitch unworked, turn. (8)

Row 17. ch, 7 slst-tbl, leave remaining stitch unworked, turn. (7)

Row 18. ch, 6 slst-tbl, leave remaining stitch unworked, turn. (6)

Row 19. ch, 5 slst-tbl, leave remaining stitch unworked, turn. (5)

Row 20. ch, 4 slst-tbl, leave remaining stitch unworked, turn. (4)


Cut the yarn and weave in all ends.

Downloadable pattern. Ready to print!
All charts are included in the PDF.
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Heart Crochet Chart



Add a personal touch to your gifts, cut out the gift tag shape as you like, punch a hole and attach it together to the heart with some string or ribbon.

Denis Christmas Heart

CONGRATS! You made it. I hope you enjoyed each step. ❥4U
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Denis Crochet Deco
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