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Crochet tapestry is a technique that allows us to use several tails of different colors in the same round to create designs. We will work normal single crochet, the only difference is that the additional color is carried hidden in the inner part of the fabric. It is important to crochet tight, so that 2nd color cannot be seen through the fabric.

Tapestry texture has an ideal thickness very suitable to make bags, rugs, pillows etc.



Insert the hook from top to back, under the two loops of the stitch and, under the black color. YO, pull up loop (2 loops on hook), YO and pull through both loops on hook. Keep crocheting single crochet as usual , always under the black color , so it will stay invisible.

In some cases you can insert the 2nd color right in the moment you need it. I prefer to insert it from the 2nd row of the project. This assures that the thickness of the fabric will be the same all along and, the carried color, will be there when you need it.

patrón conejo




It is important to avoid the tails being tangled, you can follow the next steps to get ride of this problem:

  • We have got two colors, the main one (red) witch we will use to start the work and the contrast one (black) witch we will start hidden it in the 2nd row.
  • To change the color red (main) for the color black (contrast), just before closing the stitch leave the red tail(pic 2), YO using the black (pic 3) and close the stitch with the black color (pic 4). You have closed last red color stitch with the black color , and you are ready to crochet the black stitches needed wrapping the red color.


patrón conejo 2



  • To change the color black for the color red, just before closing the stitch, place red tail behind black tail (pic 5 and 6), YO using the red (pic 7) and close the stitch (pic 8). You have closed last black color stitch with the red color, and you are ready to crochet the red stitches needed wrapping the black color.We will follow the same steps at any color change.


Patrón conejo 3


To change from red to black we simply leave the red tail (pic 2). But, to change from black to red, we will do this small turn as shown in pic 6, so that we will keep our skeins untangled.
If you haven’t tried tapestry crochet technique you definitely should.



Make 30 chains that will be the width of the piece.

Row 01. turning chain, sc in 2nd chain from hook, 29 sc, turn.

Row 02. turning chain, 8 sc with C1, 5 sc with C2, 5 sc with C1, 4 sc with C2, 8 sc with C1, turn.

Row 03/31. Keep working the rows with turning ch, following the artwork chart until completing 31

Weave and hide the tails.








CONGRATS! You made it. I hope you enjoyed each step. ❥4U
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