Banana ganchillo

“Nano” Banana

Conchita is my last creation, I am very proud of her. It has been one of most exciting and complex…

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Patón conejo

“Roger” Bunny Topper

Hi ! I’ve got a quick and fun little free pattern for you today.It does not matter you use it…

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Ganchillo punto

Tulip Stitch – Pattern Free

Tulip stitch is perfect for decoration, in a candle or a pot for example. It could be also used for…

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Medidas ganchillo

Crochet measure

Hook number ranges could be confuse, specially if you are trying to follow a pattern from a different country. We…

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Tiendas Oporto para ganchillo

Oporto Shops for crocheters

Portugal is one of most attractive destinations in Europe and, for sure, Oporto would be one of most beautiful cities…

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Corazón Rebeca

“Rebeca” Heart

This is a funny idea to decorate a hat, a scarf or any other thing you can imagine, maybe a…

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crochet ganchillo patrón conejo

“Fred” Tapestry bunny

Crochet tapestry is a technique that allows us to use several tails of different colors in the same round to…

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“Pascual” Bunny Patch

A little funny rabbit that only takes 5 minutes and 2 gr of yarn to make it. Fill up your…

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