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Mysterious crocheted yarn bomb under bridge


A giant crocheted doily has appeared under a railway bridge in Bristol.

The 12ft (3.6m) diameter “spider web” was seen hanging under Stapleton Road railway bridge by Gail Boyle as she drove into work earlier.

“It’s a massive piece of crochet… and the nylon cord must be up to an inch thick,” she said.

“I’ve no idea who is responsible, it might be ‘yarn bombing’, but I crochet and I know that they are proper crochet stitches,” she added.

Yarn bombing – also known as guerrilla knitting – is a type of street art or graffiti using items made from yarn – whether knitted, crocheted, or made into pom-poms.

“Last year lots of people were doing yarn bombing and a cloak was knitted for the Queen Victoria statue on College Green,” said Ms streaming film La La Land online

“But this latest piece of guerrilla crochet is beautiful – it shines like a little white beacon.”